Audiology students present at poster session

Congratulations to the Au.D. students who presented posters last Friday, February 26, at the Otolaryngology Brown Bag:

Effects of hearing aids/assistive listening devices on implantable cardiac devices

Farah Dubaybo

Mentor: Scott Marrus, MD, PhD; Mitchell Faddis, MD, PhD

Effects of initial head position and eye movement direction on vHIT gain in patients with unilateral vestibular dysfunction

Charlotte Dutcher (T35 at Washington Unviersity)

Mentor:  Joel Goebel, M.D., Belinda Sinks, Au.D.

Auditory cortical activation with image-guided cochlear implant programming: fNIRS

Erin Nelson (T35 at Vanderbilt)

Mentor:  Rene Gifford, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Non-word Repetition by Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Early Acoustic Hearing

Caroline Lartz

Mentor(s):  Rosalie Uchanski, Ph.D., and Lisa Davidson, Ph.D.

Pre-Cochlear-Implant Amplification Profiles for Pediatric Recipients

Alissa Nickerson (from Univ. of Ill Urbana-Champaign/T35 at Washington University)

Mentor(s):  Lisa Davidson, Ph.D., and Rosalie Uchanski, Ph.D.

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