Student and Alumni Perspectives

09225_-Sarah-Carls_lgSarah Carls, AuD
I’m very happy with my decision to pursue my AuD at Washington University. Faculty members truly want their students to succeed. Students are given the unique opportunity to supplement their clinical practice with valuable research experience.
09223_-Czarniak_lgLaura Hurn, AuD
The audiology program at Washington University offers students a diverse and well-rounded educational experience. Students are immersed in clinical work from day one and also given the opportunity to take part in innovative research with PACS faculty.
09225_-Michelle-Gremp_lgMichelle Gremp, PhD
The PACS program provides a personal touch to an outstanding professional program. The PACS faculty and Washington University researchers provided me with encouragement and support as I made the transition from the MSDE to the PhD program. The willingness to share their expertise has been invaluable to me.
09225_-Lyndsey-Jalvia_lgLyndsey Jackson, MSDE
The PACS program is one where each teacher and professor takes a vested interest in your personal success. It is with that support and confidence that I have become the best professional possible.
09225_-Robyn-Kirk_lgRobyn Kirk, MSDE
I believe the deaf education program at Washington University in St. Louis holistically prepares its students for their future careers. Not only do I feel prepared to actually teach in my own classroom, but I also feel prepared to work and educate parents and effectively form a collaborative partnership with audiologists and speech-language pathologists in order to best serve children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
09225_-Manning_lgCaroline Montgomery, MSDE
PACS prepares students to be competent and compassionate people. The staff and teachers are excellent individuals who are always willing to lend a hand. I am constantly learning and have confidence that with the knowledge I learn at CID and Washington University I will become a successful teacher.
09224_rjb_Miller_lgDeborah Roque, AuD
PACS has provided students with both clinical and research opportunities unsurpassed by any other institution. The support and caring nature of the staff has far exceeded my every expectation.
09225_-Robyn-Mortenson_lgRobyn Mortenson, MSDE
Throughout my two years as a PACS graduate student, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will serve me tremendously in my future as a teacher. The supportive faculty, small class sizes, and ample student teaching experiences have helped me to grow and learn in ways no other program can match.
09224_rjb_Putterman_lgDan Putterman, AuD
AuD candidates in the PACS program are exposed to a wide range of clinical sites, knowledgeable faculty with both clinical and research interests, and a curriculum catered to the professional needs of the future. The ability to garner clinical, basic science, and translational research experience is evidence of the comprehensive knowledge base that Washington University in St. Louis provides to all students.
09224_rjb_Rosen_lgAllyson Bull, AuD
PACS offers strong academics with dedicated professors, while providing a variety of research opportunities and clinical training. The education has indisputably prepared me for a successful career in audiology.
09224_rjb_Teymouri_lgJessica Teymouri, AuD
Audiology students begin seeing patients in practicum during their first semester. This early experience enables them to acquire the skills and confidence needed to be active participants in patient care as student clinicians.