Kay Park, AuD

Lecturer in Audiology and Communication Sciences

Additional Titles

  • Owner and Audiologist, Newborn Hearing Services, LLC


  • BA (Speech and Hearing Sciences): Michigan State University (1978)
  • MSSH (Audiology): Washington University in St. Louis (1980)
  • AuD (Doctor of Audiology): A.T. Still University (2007)

Board Certifications

  • ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A)

Research Interests

Pediatric audiology, infant hearing screening


Bohne B, Rabbitt K, Holes in the Reticular Lamina After Noise Exposure:  Implication for Survival of the Organ of Corti. Hearing Research, 1983: 11: 41-53.

Park K, The Utility of Acoustic Reflex Thresholds and Other Conventional Audiologic Tests for Monitoring Cisplatin Ototoxicity in the Pediatric Population. Ear and Hearing, 1996: 17: 107-115.


  • faculty


  • clinical-audiology


PACS 468: Pediatric Audiology