Pediatric Audiology Specialization

Starting 2015-16, PACS began offering a Pediatric Audiology Specialization (PAS) opportunity for students enrolled in its AuD program.  The PAS offers students specialized coursework, clinical practicum opportunities, research experiences and collaborative learning experiences related to pediatric audiology, with the goals of enhancing services to children who are deaf or hard of hearing and alleviating the national shortage of professionals in this area.  Each year, five second-year AuD students will be enrolled in the PAS through a competitive application process.  Significant scholarship support will be provided through grant from the U.S. Department of Education.  For more information, please see the AuD Pediatric Audiology Specialization flyer.

Application information

Current first-year AuD students enrolled in PACS are eligible to apply.


Please assemble an application packet that includes the following items and deliver the completed packet to Beth Fisher no later than February 15th.

  1. A current resume.
  2. An unofficial transcript (WebStac printout) of your fall semester final grades.
  3. A 1-2 page summary that includes all of the following, as applicable:
    • Information on your background and experiences related to pediatric audiology.
    • A description of your reasons for wanting to enroll in the Pediatric Audiology Specialization.
    • A description of what you hope to gain from, and contribute to, the Pediatric Audiology Specialization.
    • A summary of your career goals in pediatric audiology.
    • Information on other items relevant to your application.