Applicants are not required to have any specific prerequisite courses, undergraduate major, or clinical experience for admission to the AuD or MSDE program. An undergraduate degree or higher from an accredited university in area of study/major is the single prerequisite. We strongly encourage individuals from all backgrounds and areas of study to apply.

Courses listed below are required for professional certification and/or licensure upon graduation, but completion is not required prior to enrollment.  Any requirements not completed prior to enrollment can generally be completed during the graduate program without an extension of the program or additional tuition cost.  Unless otherwise noted, coursework in each subject must be equivalent to three semester hours or more of academic credit.

AuD program

  • Typical language development
  • Disordered speech and language development
  • Sign language 1

MSDE program

  • Child and adolescent psychology
  • Education and psychology of the exceptional child
  • Typical language development
  • Sign language 1

PhD program

  • Competitive applicants generally hold a master’s degree in a related field and/or have relevant research experience.

Eligibility Requirements and Essential Functions

All students matriculating into the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) and Master of Science in Deaf Education (MSDE) programs must meet and fulfill all eligibility requirements and essential functions, as outlined in the applicable document below:

WUSM Eligibility Requirements and Essential Functions – AuD

WUSM Eligibility Requirements and Essential Functions – MSDE

1 Must be equivalent to two semester hours or more of academic credit