Scholarships and Financial Assistance

PACS is committed to enrolling talented, motivated students from diverse backgrounds. Historically, we have been able to provide financial assistance to 100 percent of our students through a variety of support mechanisms.


Scholarships are the primary form of financial support for our students. Offered at the time of admission, these scholarships generally provide support to students and are guaranteed for all years of study. There is no work requirement in exchange for the scholarship during the student’s enrollment and tuition rates will not increase. A service obligation may be required for some scholarship recipients.

  • AuD student scholarships generally reduce the amount of annual tuition by 25 percent to 50 percent.
  • MSDE student scholarships provide a minimum of 75 percent tuition funding for the two-year program.
  • PhD students are generally provided a minimum of 80 percent tuition remission. 

Other Opportunities

Following admission, a number of other opportunities for partial support may also be available. Announcements and information are distributed to students directly as these become available. Awards generally range from $2000-$6000 each.

  • AuD students accepted into the Pediatric Audiology Specialization (PAS) in the second year of study will receive a one-time additional award of $6000.
  • A limited number of assistantships are available on a competitive basis. These positions typically provide a financial award in exchange for a work commitment to PACS, such as serving as a teaching or clerical assistant.
  • Federal work-study positions may be available to qualified students. Such positions generally involve clerical work within PACS.
  • Part-time, paid positions often are available. Recent positions have involved working with children in the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) school or a position in a research lab.
  • A number of other internal scholarships and awards are also available on an annual basis following matriculation.

For information about loans, AuD and MSDE applicants may contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at (888) 840-3239 or PhD applicants may call (314) 935-6821.

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