Waive Request Form

Waive Request Form

The AuD and MSDE programs each have a prescribed curriculum that meets requirements of Washington University, PACS and professional certification/licensing agencies. These curricula have been designed to provide comprehensive preparation for future professionals, and as a result, only a select few courses may be waived if equivalent coursework has been previously completed. This form will evaluate your eligibility to waive these eligible courses. If eligible, courses will be removed from your curriculum by default. While it is not recommended, you may instead elect to retake or audit any eligible courses during your enrollment. You do not need to inform us of your preference in advance; your interest should be discussed with the director of your graduate program and/or advisor during orientation.

Sign Language

Typical Language Development

Speech and Language Disorders (AuD only)

Child and Adolescent Psychology/Development (MSDE only)

Education and Psychology of the Exceptional Child (MSDE only)