The AuD program provides all students with a comprehensive understanding and well-rounded experience across the scope of practice and lifespan. For students with an interest in augmenting their training, two specialty tracks are also available. These specializations provide students with additional knowledge and experience in pediatrics or research.

The Pediatric Audiology Specialization prepares AuD students to work with infants and children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families. Students enrolled in the specialization complete interdisciplinary coursework related to pediatrics, pediatric-focused clinical experiences, and standardized patient experiences that focus on counseling skills. The AuD program’s location in St. Louis offers its students unique and unparalleled opportunities in pediatric audiology clinics, cochlear implant programs, children’s hospitals, and public and private school programs. The first of its kind in the country, our Pediatric Audiology Specialization serves as a model for other AuD programs. Students selected for the Pediatric Audiology Specialization receive scholarship funding that covers 100% of tuition and fees in the second year of the program. Please visit the Funding Opportunities page for more information.

The Research Specialization offers AuD students the opportunity to gain additional knowledge and experience in research. A summer research experience is completed following either the first or second year of study, followed by advanced coursework in statistics and research methods, an expanded Capstone Project, and participation in Brown Bag seminars. This specialization is also encouraged for AuD students interested in pursuing a PhD degree.