Student Teaching Experiences

PACS student interacting with CID students

Our students benefit from our unique setting and immersive approach to student teaching experiences. During every semester of study, students have the opportunity to observe and participate in practice teaching experiences, both on and off campus, that emphasize listening and spoken language. On campus, we share a building with the Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) school, giving students the opportunities that may include:

  • Family sessions
  • Family support groups
  • Home visits
  • Teleintervention sessions
  • Toddler classroom (age 2 years)
  • Early childhood classrooms (ages 3 to 6 years)
  • Primary classrooms (ages 6 to 12 years)
  • Transitional support

CID is just one of 12 local school programs where students can gain practice teaching experiences. Both private and public school settings, including itinerant and self-contained classrooms, are available; these programs serve over 700 children who are deaf or hard of hearing in the St. Louis area. Students also have the option of a one-month, out-of-town practicum experience during the second year of study.

In addition, the world-renowned, on-campus medical school and hospitals provide unique opportunities for students that include:

  • Touring a hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Observing a cochlear implant surgery
  • Observing audiology sessions

At the time of graduation, students are well-equipped to serve children of all ages, from birth to grade 12.